I really should.


So… I should really put something of mine out into this large world of ours. Like write something that’s actually good and acceptable, and of course with great grammar. I suck at grammar stuff. And I suck at writing. Piece them together, and you’ve got the worst story or piece of writing in the world. Ehehh. Well ain’t that just SNAZZY.

You know how last post I said my typing was slower than I had remembered? It’s true… BUT. I still type faster than any of my friends. I type hella fast compared to them. Maybe it’s because of all the finger exercises I do each day. JKJK, I don’t even do finger exercises. I don’t even know if there is such a thing. There probably is. But I haven’t seen anything like it yet.

Anyways, it’s MAYYY!! Damn. That means my friend’s birthday is coming up. And I need to make a card. So… I gotta go. BYE. Seeeeee yaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaterrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

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