idk what

Today I realized I was actually a little sick. A little bit of coughing and a little bit of a gross nose. I had ping pong today. We had a tourney for my group lesson. I got 4th. Last time we had a tourney thing, I got 2nd. I wasn’t really into it today. I actually noticed that I was not into the game at all. Wow. I noticed something. I also realized that I hate it when people have expectations of me. I heard another student in my group lesson talk about me as “that girl that beats everyone” right after my match that I lost (and started my losing streak). I won 6 matches and lost 4 matches. I hate expectations, even if they’re mine. I want to swear. Like really loudly. But not right now because my throat hurts.

I really like this drama series’ OST. It’s like, half depressing and half satisfying. I don’t know. I’m really boring. I haven’t written something creative and posted in a while. It’s probably because I hate getting criticized by certain people. I’m not blaming anyone, but it’s just my personal feeling. I think I just hate the way I do things.

It snowed more today. I played outside with my brother for like an hour. We made a very little snowman. It had a red frisbee for a hat. Then after we made it, we went inside for hot chocolate (with waaay too much powder). I went out after it stopped snowing as hard, and the frisbee-hat had a layer of snow on top of it. It didn’t topple over. Impressive. Better than me. 😉

I will now proceed to write my novel. A personal one. Not for any particular reason. Yeah. See ya when I’m not super sick or sad.

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