It has been a while

HEEEYY… I’m back! It HAS BEEN a while since I typed here. I feel like I was missing something to do so I came here. So, for the past 2 months, I was watching Kamen Rider Gaim on weekends (one tomorrow!!!), doing homework and home work, reading manga, and some other daily activities. Yeah. Today’s Good Friday. I’m Catholic, so that means today is the day Jesus died for us people. Then it’s Easter Sunday, HE’S BACK. Easter also, sort of means chocolate. Eeeh. I really don’t know what to say when it comes down to about me posts. Like when I’m done business but the post looks so short, but then, I start ranting like now, and it turns almost into a story or a essay. Not really. BEACAUSE, I rant. With very childish words. Like, like. As in, FOR EXAMPLE. And, and. And, starting sentences with and. I just proved my point. (Vector Voice) OH YEAAAHHH! Okay. Oh yeah, the Vector Voice, it’s from Despicable Me. I recently thought about it, even though I watched awhile ago, and I find it hilarious when he does the air humping pose while saying that. Really weird. Oh, WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT. I have a average sized post now. Even though I started with how I haven’t been typing HERE, I end with this… blob. OH YEEAAAAHHH! Okay. I’ll be going now. Adios~!

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