je ne sais pas quelle arrivée

I certainly forgot to write in the month of October. I was being unproductive while being productive. At school, I haven’t been doing my best, but I try to focus. I’m not good at focusing when the topic is not very engaging or that interesting. Or maybe the teacher is explaining it in a strange way and it ends up not going to my brain.

I messed up on a French presentation today. I had memorized the conversation, however when I actually got to the front, I messed up and said it again just to make sure it wasn’t that bad. It really ruined my day, since it is the last class of the day. In English we have another assignment to do, and it is relatively important for the course, and I have to do a lot of thinking for this assignment. I had a Computers terms quiz, and I may have messed up on the last question. But that’s over, and I can’t do anything about it, but now I know what I should’ve put down. In Art, we are doing value drawings; I drew this translucent bottle. There are people in my class that have taken lessons before, and the difference is evident. Anyway.

It was really cold today. At least it wasn’t like yesterday, where it rained almost horizontally, and the wind was freezing. Today, it was a little better, the same wind, but with no rain. I also brought out the big guns. I started to wear my new jacket. It’s really puffy and full of air that you can easily squeeze out. But it is still very warm. I also have Science homework, so I will get to that. Anyway, I hope I don’t forget to write at least once a month. I even missed my birthday. How unfortunate. My 14th birthday was quite fun. Although at that time, I had a few pieces of work that should’ve been done earlier. But, knowing me, I procrastinate until the last second, such as right now, with some brochures that need to be done by Monday for Science. I have started on the cover of one of two of the brochures. Which is not the greatest idea out there. I have a classmate that has completed at least one. Well. At least someone is going somewhere.

I should do some work, and it is almost dinner. Well then, until next time (next month??)! ((:

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