little meanings of things to me

Today my sister Grace asked me what life meant to me. I had a simple answer. But I also had another answer in my head at that time. But it didn’t really matter that much. But now, I’m a little bored, so why not?

What does life mean to you? Well, my first answer would be, to experience what planet Earth is like. But then there is also what is there to do with the life you are given. Is it that you have this life to do something that completely changes the world, and the whole universe? What if you fail your job of changing the world? Are you given another chance? Do you simply get another life in which you have to start your mission all over again? What is it that keeps you going? Now all those questions I just listed, are part of why I’m writing Reincarnation (Miracle). I’m trying to figure out if I actually have the answers to my questions through my writing. Man. That sounds kind of poetic. […the answers to my questions through my writing] Sounds so dramatic!

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