Mother’s Day

Do you know why we need to listen to our mother’s words? It is not to make your life miserable.
What did your mother teach you? Of course it is not nothing. If not, even I would not be doing this.
What did your mother do for you? Give you life. She probably gave you what she thought was best for you. She gave you food, she used her own energy to wake up earlier than you in the morning to give you breakfast. Earlier than most of your family, later than the rest.
Now, what do you have to say on this very important day?
Thank you!

Why do we need to do what our mother tells us to do? Because it is safer and legal. It is because of our decisions when we grow up. Money managing, school fees, grocery shopping, and school supplies. We need what we need. Be grateful for what you get.

What I say to my mother is what we all say to our own mothers. It is ‘I love you, mommy!’

Why do our mothers say don’t do this, don’t do that? It is because our mothers don’t want to see us cry, but she of course, wants to see the smiles on our faces. She doesn’t want us to get hurt.

I love you mommy!!!

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