not the greatest time

So this might not be the best time of day to be writing a blog post, but I’m already here. Good morning! Or afternoon or night, wherever you might be reading this from… geographically and time-wise.

I’m pretty swamped. Compared to last semester, I’m definitely more busy and tired. I’m also trying my best to space my assignments out, but due to travel plans, I’ve squished some together so I end up scheduling multiple things a day. There is also the self-brought pressure of wanting to do well in classes. Doing well will be defined as a B or up. However, if I end up getting a C+ in a class (something that I am prepared for… in one of my classes), it should be fine. Although it will impact my GPA, I am only in my first year. I should be able to make up for it in later years. Right!

The reason why I am so swamped this semester is probably because I am taking 5 courses instead of 4. Although this is only one more course than before, I have to memorize a lot of things for at least 3 of my classes. They are either term-based memorization or theory-based. Either way, there are constantly a lot of words swimming through my eyes and into my brain and probably back out because I can hardly remember.

I actually meant to write at least once a month, but… there are lots of things to be done. I have to do my taxes soon. I want to get to driving lessons, but I will probably have to postpone it my another year. I’ll get lessons first! That may occur this summer if the driving schools I’m looking at have an okay waitlist. Speaking of waitlists… I am waitlisted for a summer session course. I am also waitlisted for a job opportunity at my school, but it’s okay, I got an offer for a smaller role. I won’t be making a lot, but any money is nice! I’ve never had a job before… To be fair, this opportunity is more similar to a volunteer position, but it’s all-day and there’s a goo amount of training involved so it makes sense.

Anyhow, I am extremely tired and tomorrow is another long day. Bedtime for me then :))

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