The Gramophone 5

Captain rubbed his head, feeling annoyed. Everything was wrong this morning; Ray caught a cold, his other servants spilled his breakfast on his nightgown, his butler was not on his top form, and his mother was in a foul mood from a argument with his father. It was the weekend, and everything was wrong. After he sent Sharil off that day, he hadn’t heard from her. He felt… lonely. It was a feeling that he hadn’t felt in a long while. ‘What am I thinking? Just a girl that I underestimated. COME ON! Captain, pull yourself together you have no time to think about women. ARGH!’ He shook his head.
“Your Majesty! Lady Sharil has arrived with news!” His butler called from down the grand staircase. ‘Great…’

“Welcome back, m’lady!” Captain bowed down low. Sharil smiled. She was dressed like a lady, and her remaining hair into a loose bun. Captain straightened up, smiled like a angel and his butler spoke,”Would you like to speak with the majesty in his office?”
“Yes please. Would you kindly lead me?”
“Yes, m’lady. This way.”

“Any news, Lady?” Captain asked, returning to his serious state. “Surprisingly, no. But, a member on my team has discovered something. It’s all in this file.” Sharil said, waving a cerulean folder that suddenly appeared in her hand. Captain reached out and took the folder from her slender fingers. He flipped it open and read it’s contents.
Mysterious shadows at night; extra help from others?
Saw a candle lighted up in basement.
Dripping sound?
Steps heard loudly
from hallway, clanging sound too.Captain skimmed the rest of the page. “What’s with the word mysterious? There’s a lot in this.”
“Well, he’s not the best at describing. I know by seeing his writing records. Heh.”
“Good job. I want your group and you to go back in there to figure out some more.”
“My group? Nah. They’re long gone. They were found out, and executed. I got away, unnoticed. the one with the bad writing marks, gave me the folder before he went to have dinner at the next town. I’m the only one now.”
“WHAT?! Oh… I’m terribly sorry… If you want to go… Actually, I’ll go with you this time. We’ll stick together this time. And I won’t be found out because, no one disobeys me.”

Fourteen days later…
“What..!? That bastard..! Thinking me like that..!”
“Hush, Captain… We must not get angered this easily! We will be found out! Keep quiet! Only use the signs I showed you. Know move!”
‘This is going to be hard…’

“You have to finish what you start.”~Grandfather of Captain
Called the Unknown Old Man

Hello! I was bored so I added the random made up quote. My mom told me that one. XD Bye!

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