The Gramophone 6

“Uhm, Sharil? Isn’t it time to go back to my palace? We need food. I can’t stand it any longer!!! Argh!” Captain cried in frustration. Sharil shot him a dirty look.
“Just what are you thinking? We’ll be caught! Hear that? They’re coming this way! Run out there!” Sharil pointed at Darcgoldy’s garden.
“What about you?” Captain asked with his eyes staring back at her filled with worry.
Sharil smiled slightly, “I don’t know. If I can follow fast enough then I’ll be back alive. I really don’t know. Now go!”
Captain dashed out with almost inhuman speed. Captain ran with tears unknowingly sliding from his eyes. He looked back just once. And there was guards crowding over Sharil. He kept running, and the next thing he heard was a loud shout and there was clanging and a girly scream. Captain didn’t dare to look. He climbed over the wall of bushes. He sat on it for a second breathed in, and jumped off, and took off for his palace.

Captain propped his head up with his hand. His brain flashed out memories from the previous night. It was all his fault and he knew it. ‘Have I developed feelings for the athletic girl? Why don’t I know the answer to that? Ugh. ARGH.’ He sat back on his chair and sighed again.

A month passed and Captain still didn’t know if Sharil turned out alive. She better be alive. Captain looked out the window. Snow had just begun to fall, but he felt no excitement. In his younger years, he would run and jump about over snow. Snow meant Christmas. Christmas meant… Captain couldn’t think about anything straight without relating it to Sharil.

From then on, waiting seemed like forever. He still haven’t gotten anything about Sharil in days. Those days turned into weeks, and those weeks turned into months.2 months later… “Your Majesty, the queen has news about Sharil.” Captain’s butler said.
Captain jumped up. “What?! I’m coming immediately!”
Captain dashed down the stairs and found his mother and sat down beside her. The Queen looked very shaken. “What? What does it say? What happened?”
“I’m sorry. Sharil… She’s gone… The funeral… February 17th… I’m so sorry…” The Queen broke down. And so did Captain. And the two wept the rest of the afternoon.

It was a dark and cool night. No one was out except Captain. His neon hair flew about around his head. Captain was remembering all the things at last. He went into his room and turned the gramophone on. The last melodies filled the room. He knew there was no reason anymore. He went to bed, and he knew that the next morning Darcgoldy will come to the palace to hunt him down.

The next morning when his butler went to wake Captain, he heard the gramophone. He opened the door. The gramophone was on, the windows were open, the fancy clothes from Captain’s closet were taken, and nobody was in bed. His butler fled down the grand staircase and burst into the breakfast hall. “Your Majesty! Captain-!”
Captain was in his purple cloak and his white and gold suit. He looked dangerous, he was holding his silver and sapphire sword at his butler’s throat. “Say another word and say hello to the sword. Now, dear family. You may think I’ve gone insane but, my life is worthless without Sharil, you know. I’ve come out of my shell to late. It was my fault. You don’t need to know. Get away from this place. Darcgoldy is coming here to hunt me down because he wants all of my men. Now get in the carriages! Go now!” Captain gave a faint smile.

YOLO! I’m thinking of ending The Gramophone soon. Eh. I don’t even know anymore. Anyways, I’m gonna go. So, adieu~!

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