The Gramophone 7

Captain ushered his parents, Ray, and his butler; Starrae on and into the carriage. Before departing, Captain grabbed his butler over, “Starrae… Keep my parents alive. Well and healthy. I may not be back. Please, take care of them. Hide them away. Disguise them. We are running away.” Captain was staring at Starrae with pleading eyes.
“Of course, Your Majesty. I will make sure. You be careful too. We will all miss you. If you… Never mind. Yes sir! Goodbye.” Starrae saluted and got into the carriage.

Farewell, dearest. I may not be able to make it far. Sharil, I might be joining you soon. See you.

Captain wiped a unnoticed tear away as soon the carriage was out of sight. And once he couldn’t see the carriage, he heard the thundering of horses clopping down onto the small trail. He looked, and saw Lord Darcgoldy leading the horses. Captain mounted his horse and took off, trying to get the Lord’s many men, off his tail. He whizzed by the many shops of his kingdom. The people praised him, but their happiness was interrupted by the nervous, yet still handsome, prince’s silence. He was taking the horse to it’s limit, but the horse knew it’s job. It couldn’t fail him.

Captain reached a green meadow when the horse collapsed. “Your Majesty! Come in here! I’ll hide you!” An elderly lady that lived on the side of the meadow called out. Captain heaved the horse to the back of house. Captain rushed into the lady’s house.
“M’lady, thank you very much. Will this cover for 2 days before I run again?” Captain bowed down onto his knee before standing back up.
The old lady looked at Captain as if he was insane. “Your Majesty! That is too much! Please! It’s good and lucky enough you’re here! Your Majesty, THANK YOU!”
Captain changed into blue and black suit, and a black cloak.
“Fair lady of this house! We’re searching for the Prince and His Family! Is he with you, in any chance?”
“Sirs! No, he is not here with me! He ran past my house towards and into the trees!”
“Miss, we need you to open up, so we know you’re not lying. We need to check your house. Open up!”
Minutes past and she did not open the door.
Then the door fell over with a crash.
Captain was tending to the horse when they arrived. His sapphire and silver sword sparkled up and reflected off the light. The soldiers saw and ran over.
“M’lord! We’ve found him!” The soldiers shouted.
Captain looked up and saw soldiers piling in from the sides.
Captain jumped down from his position and unsheathed his sword. Captain slashed like he did in war. He stabbed and swiped at the soldiers. Lord Darcgoldy walked up on him and held his blade high above his head and- the lady pushed him over. “Viktor! Why on earth are you trying to kill our dear prince?! Why?! I’m so disappointed in you!” The lady clapped her hands onto her face and cried.
“Mother! You’re still alive? So that means you faked your death!”
Viktor Darcgoldy’s mother was the old lady.
She glowered and grumbled out,”Viktor! I faked my death because of your resemblance to your father. You were so… COLD-HEARTED! So cruel…” She shook her head in dismay.

Captain fought off 20 of the many soldiers when he tired down. 20 were left and they formed a circle around him closing down on him. He thrashed out of their grip, and once he did, three buff soldiers grabbed him pinned him against the wall for their lord to torture.
“Viktor! I’m… I tried to protect-! Argh! *gurgling sounds*” Thump! Viktor killed his mother with a slash of his blade without even looking.
“Vik..tor… you…” His mother fell down and died in four seconds.
“LORD DARCGOLDY! GO AHEAD AND TRY TO KILL ME! I CAN FIGHT YOU OFF! Just you see…” Captain cried through gritted teeth. Viktor walked slowly towards him. Captain struggled about with the men still holding on. ‘What? How come I can’t move? ARGHH!’ Captain thought. Viktor picked up Captain’s sword, and flipped it around, examining it. He gave Captain a coy smirk. Captain growled in return. At the last second, Captain flipped out of the men’ grasp. He took out his pocket dagger and stabbed the men, leaving Viktor Darcgoldy.
Captain stepped slowly, like a predator to it’s prey, Captain dashed forward and tried to stab Viktor but Viktor stabbed him first.
With his sword still in his shoulder, blood dribbled out of the corner of his mouth. He fell back and blacked out. The last Captain saw was the triumph smirk from Viktor as he rode off.

Hello! I think I took too long. It’s been a little hard on me, school. Tests aren’t really important, but, tomorrow is the day I get my report card. I’m a little nervous about the grades I’ll get this term. Well, I think there will be only one more section of the Gramophone. So, it’ll probably end as the 8.

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