The Never Ending HMWK

Eheh. I should be typing my story for school (ZA NEVERRR ENDING REAAALITYY), but, since the story is prettttaaaay long, I’m lagging it on for the next 2-3 days left of this 2 week SPRING BREAK. I swear, I don’t remember how holding a pencil and writing with it works anymore. Meanwhile, I’m wasting precious time by listening to a bunch of songs by girls (well, that’s a change…), and I’m not getting any work done by blowing my nose every 5 minutes. And I’m coughing. Oh right. I said I was going to eat a cough drop. I’m gonna get one right now.

Much better. Anyways, I should be more productive. But I keep getting distracted. BY SO MANY THINGS. Like the words to my music. Why so catchy?!?!

I’ll type more when I finish the blurb for today. Adieu~!

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