The Whole Entire time #9

“Eh. Look. There is something moving over there. Let’s go check it out.” Sebastian points toward a rustling bush. Before they could reach the bush, their ANGELISH Aphone(Iphone-I+A=Aphone)s began to ring. “You don’t have to do it. You may go. Others will do it.” Michael’s buzzing voice came out of the phone. “Yes, sir!”

“We have nothing to do!” Charlotte yawned(Back to normal names…) and headed toward Harmony’s couch. They were in her large house that was located in the middle of the rainforest. “Tch. My mother would’ve came up with us, since she’s allowed, but she has to take care of dad. He’s not allowed. Strange, eh?” Xavier stretched. “That was weird of Michael. He normally never calls us back during a mission. Oh well. Enjoy it while you can, they say it.” Gabe shrugged. Harmony sipped her apple juice. Being with her friends altogether was the same as enjoying the feeling of flying. “Hey, isn’t it Harmony’s birthday today? Yeah! It is! No wonder Michael called us back!” Xavier danced around. “I’ll get the cake!” “I’ll buy some last minute presents! Anybody want to come with me?”

And so…
Xavier and Gabe went to buy the cake and came straight back. Charlotte and Gabe went to buy the presents and then came straight back for Harmony.
After gift opening, it was time for the cake.
Harmony bit into a piece of cake.

The End

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