The Whole Entire Time #4

Charvier went to the cabin of Fijians that was in his group. When he got there, Harmony was there, talking in the Fijians language. “Harmony! What are you doing here?,” Charvier asked in surprise. “And I didn’t know you could speak in the Fijians language!” “Oh, there’s lots more of me you don’t know about.” Harmony says, in a strange manner that seemed different of her. Like she seemed to be talking arrogantly about herself. “Hmmm, She is different today. I’ll figure it out soon enough.” Charvier thought. “Hey, let’s go back to the hotel and make early preparations!” Charvier suggested. “Ummm… who’s coming?” Harmony asked him, as she eyed him awkwardly. “Didn’t I tell you last night? Well, the translator is coming tonight. I’d like to prepare before he arrives.” Charvier answers her, trying to ignore her different manner.

That night, he asked if Harmony if she knew how to speak in the Fijians language, and she said . . . no. Then he asked why she was in the cabin speaking in the Fijians language. She said she has no idea about what he s talking about. Then he gets mad at her and told her that he thinks that she s hiding something from him. Then she says to Charvier Her story of what happened.
She said that there was a waitress that cried at the dinner they had before, that was named Charlotte Yardo. She came in when he was in the washroom. She said that she stuffed her in the closet and dressed up like her. Then she said that Charlotte was the one that knew the Fijians language. Then Charvier asked now where is Charlotte. Harmony said something and told him to go to the closet and go see. He did and he
saw . . .


4 Replies to “The Whole Entire Time #4”

  1. Who is who and who stuffed who into a closet and dressed up as who why? Use names. And apparently, Harmony is evil and Charlotte is good. What? I aaam confused.

      1. What . . . ? I’m bad at paragraphing, too, you know. Aaand I’m not influencing her. It’s the boys in her class XD. She doesn’t like when people lecture her. People includes me. Whatever.

      2. Carol, are you sure I will absolutely not take paragraph sense lessons from you? And Grace you clearly forget you are on my blog. Please forget you are IM-ing each other.


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