Thin Ice ~ Begin Investigation! – side story

This is just a side story for the weird detective series thing I was doing… in the summer. I decided to have a random one because the actual story is being held off from where it is… at the moment. I wanted to fill in some space with related material. So I am using the same characters and maybe some new ones for this side story… It’s also written as third person, not first. Also, this will not be completed if it takes too long. It’s just a base for the story. Don’t look too forward to this little section of a weird story. 

Lillie smiled as she went for her morning run and listened to her favourite singer’s recently released material. Today was a day like no other (some things always start like that; don’t complain). Lillie’s new mentor was going to arrive today! She had a schedule that she followed and this was how it went: she would finish up her run at 8 morn. and then have a quick sandwich and take an energy drink with her to the office. She would then receive her mentor and then work with her on a simulated case and then go for lunch at 2 eveni. and get to know the mentor. Then, since she still needed to have a mentor, she would leave at 5 eveni. in time for her bus.

“Morning! Good morning, sir!” Lillie greeted her superiors brightly and energetically.
“Morning… Did you finish the files? Remember how I needed them for my presentation?” The man that shared a table with her, another person awaiting their mentor, had asked her for help finishing up a presentation the other day.

“Oh. Riight. I have them in my UltraSmallBag (USB). I’ll go get it. Hold on…” Lillie began to rummage through her bag hurriedly, “Aha! Right here. Here ya go.”
“Thanks! I’ll pay you back soon.” The man ran off to check it at his computer.

“Lillie! The chief wants you in the office. I think it’s about your new mentor. You should hurry up and get there.” Another co-worker told her.
“Ah, thanks.” Lillie grabbed her bag and knocked on the chief’s door.
“Come on in.” The chief’s voice came from the room.
Lillie opened the door and saw the chief sitting in his usual spot and then looked up at the woman standing beside the chief’s desk.

“Lillie, this is your new mentor, Syliva. Syliva, I hope you two will get along, and Lillie, I hope you learn lots from this exceptionally intelligent girl. Your first assignment will be this. It’s a mock case for you two to get used to each ability needed to accomplish a case. Take it easy, and good luck!” The chief handed Syliva an envelope and waved the pair off.

Outside the office, Syliva reached her hand out at Lillie.
“Nice to meet you, Lillie. I hope we learn lots from each other.”
Lillie clapped her hand onto hers.
“Yup. Let’s check out this case. Or… this mock case…?”

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