Thin Ice ~ Case 1 – Part III: familiar faces

“Syliva, I wanted to ask him how he was alive.”
“Why in the love of Dwoinn, would you ask that poor man such a question?”
“Because my parents told me he was dead.”
“He could be another Denale Hait.”
“But we searched up all people whom may have been named Denale, and he was the only one!”
“Oh. Well, you can go see him another time. Thanks for keeping it professional. It seems that you have improved with keeping your own emotions out of investigating. Good work.”
“Argh! Well, we could go investigate more at the crime scenes. I must try my best!”
“Great. Now let me get some sleep. We’re up at 7 in the morning.”

April 54th, 40091 yr. – 6:50 morn. ~ Meeting Room No. 3
“It seems that the two new additions are progressing faster than we expected. You must complete¬†another piece today.”
“Of course. I’ll have it done by 9 eveni.”

– 7:13 morn. ~ Hotel Room
“Come on! Wake up! The meeting is in the next hour! We need to hurry up!” Syliva was shaking me out of my light slumber.
“Uhh… What?? What time is it? When do we need to be there?” I asked, blindly flipping out of my covers and stumbled towards the washroom.
“Don’t worry. It’s only 7:13 morn. The meeting’s at 8:20. Take your time!” Syliva smiled and sat down on the bench in front of the window and began to input information into her Gemphone.

I quickly got dressed in my uniform, a black baseball hat with a blue heart in front, my large hoodie that was completely cyan, my black skinny jeans, and a pair of gray high tops. I let my black hair down, and I wore my dark blue prescribed glasses. These glasses were kind of like my Gemphone, except I was the only one that could see what was being displayed for me. It also provided night vision mode for me! Anyways, we headed down to the hotel’s diner for a breakfast once I had finished getting ready. Before we knew it, it was 7:42. We needed to be at the Police Headquarters a little earlier than the meeting. So, we hailed a cab and headed straight there.

– 8:05 morn. ~ Police Headquarters Lobby
“Hmm… Seems like only a few are on duty here. The rest are probably patrolling or something…” I said scanning the area.
“We should head over to the office.”
“Aye aye, Captain.”

~ Head Chief’s Office
Syliva knocked lightly on the large doors as I fumbled around with the contents of my bag. I pulled the case file and notebook out and clutched onto them nervously.
“Come in.” A low, deep voice commanded.
We opened the door and saw a large table with a large man sitting at it. The province’s flag along with the country’s flag were crossed over behind his giant chair. Around the table were shelves beyond shelves of books. One particular shelf looked like it was filled with case files similar to the one I was holding onto.

“I heard that you have a very effective way of investigating. I’d like to review what information you have so far.” The man, Head Chief Johm Mured, leaned forward in his chair and eyed us with a creepy expression, as if he expected nothing more than a piece of paper.
In fact, we had 4 pages of confirmed facts, and we had 2 pages of unconfirmed information. Some 3 pages were autopsy reports, and 2 pages were suspect interrogation records. Put them all together, and you have 11 pages.
When I handed him the piece of paper, he looked half surprised and half… confused. As if… he didn’t expect us to get this far in our investigation.

“Well, well. You’ve gotten very much done! You’ve only been here for a day and you already have this much done! It took our investigators 2 WEEKS to get this much. Alright. I shouldn’t keep you. Here. Have this. It’s the murder weapon for the most recent killing. I hope you will find out something from it.” Chief Mured said as he brushed a finger over his atrocious mustache.
“Th-thank you. We really appreciate this piece of evidence. We will get going. Bye.” I said, petrified.


“Okay. What’s wrong with you, Lillie?” Syliva asked with disapproval in her eyes.
“I… Well… He! He… was the one that was in… my dad’s last case. The Chief¬†was investigating the case in which there was an assassin that had already been convicted, but he escaped. No one found him. But he was right there! I saw his face. I can never forget. He was the one that ruined my father. He was the one that… AHH!!”

“Well, well, well. Little girl… We meet again.”

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