unfinished for a while

I have 3 unfinished posts that range from last year to this March that are either stories, poems, or prose. I’m not sure of if I should even finish them to release them onto the web. Perhaps over this summer break I will bring myself to look at it again, fix and finish it. Unless I erase and delete the entire post before then. I’ll try not to delete the posts. And finish them. Hopefully.

I haven’t done much for the past month and I haven’t planned out anything for the next month, so… I’ve got everything under control. I haven’t planned out how I’m going to organize my stuff for school next year. I should start thinking about it. But who knows, I might get distracted again by TV shows and music.

I noticed that a lot of my posts are categorized under ‘Uncategorized’ even though there are other categories that are alongside it. I’m gonna stop doing that. Because it makes more sense this way.

I’ve been writing about a whole lot of nonsense these days. I keep starting a whole bunch of things with no purpose, then I abandon them. Maybe I could plan things out and give it a lot of thought before wasting materials and space. I feel sort of hesitant, bad, sad, and uncomfortable with the way things are for me. I want to do something cool, fun, and enjoyable. The thing is, I don’t know what makes me feel that way. Listening to music makes me feel something close to that, but I want to do more than just sit there and listen to music.

We’re making dumplings today, so I feel like I should help out. Sooooo, see you all next time!

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