windy days

SO. If you live in the Lower Mainland area in Canada, you will most likely have seen the massive trees that have fallen over. And the power outages… That means you can’t really do anything other than your perfectly charged devices with games that don’t require wifi. Yaay. OOOOOOH. I heard and saw pictures of a tree that had fallen over on to a playground at my school, destroying the playground. Well, a part of it… That same day (yesterday), I went to my ping pong class and I got 2nd place in the Junior Class Tournament. Yaaay!! It has a bunch of stars on it. Four to be precise.

AAAHHH!! School start in 8 days. And. That’s bad. Because it’s grade seven. And people (aka teachers) expect many things from you. AKA maturity, common sense (not at all that common), being organized (and keeping it that way), setting an example. WONDERFUL. I will succeed none of that. Not exactly mature. Common sense??? I don’t even know how that works (aka people tell me I am dense; ’tis true! I don’t notice my surroundings very often)… I am good at organizing things, but I get lazy, and I can’t keep it looking beautiful. I am not good at setting any sort of example… Even if I have a little brother and an older sister to learn from. Different personalities…? I dunno.

It seems that lunch is coming. If you’ll excuse me. Adiooooooooos~!

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