Well hello there. Today, I started to use my laptop. I am not used to the keyboard. Or the screen being connected to the keyboard. I feel like this is gonna take a while to get used to.

I cleaned my desk today. The surface has gotten some light after like… 4 months? Maybe even more than that because I was lazy over Summer Vacation. I really don’t know. I did a whole bunch of chores today with my siblings after destroying the gingerbread house we made for Christmas. Yes, we destroyed it. With a meat tenderizer. My brother and my sister destroyed. I tried to keep the mess minimal, however, that didn’t work out, so we ended up cleaning the entire level. I vacuumed for the first time. And so did my 5 year old little brother. I’m so helpful.

I don’t think my productivity level is very high, especially since I don’t have anything in particular to do or complete. I am not complaining. This is good. Relaxing. But, I must find something to do. I did, but I got bored of doing it. Ahahah. I have no life. :))) (double chins included)

Alright, I will now get to keeping my desk clean for the next month. OH. I should probably start thinking of some New Year’s Resolutions. Haha. Well, until I write again. See ya!

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