Reincarnation (Miracle) ii

But is this really enough to entertain this young sorcerer? Was it all really necessary? Just for his imagination run wild that his stories became reality? Why did the fairytale side characters have to go through whatever hard times that were featured in the story? Why did they have to go through all that trouble? All for ‘Prince’ Rey. Could everything be turned around with a sorceress?

Rey walked back to his apartment and unlocked the door. He stepped into the room.
“Hey. You. Prince Rey. Turn around. Your Highness requests your presence.” A girl said haughtily with her hands on her hips.
“I’m not going back.” Rey said without turning around or flinching in surprise.
“You’re gonna have to, I’m afraid. You’re supposed to be crowned King next month. Ye’ see, your dad kind of went away, and your mom gave up and wants you to take his spot and look for him until she thinks he is dead and will never come back. So, get on this damn carriage and we’re getting outta here.”
“… No.”

As you can see, things are getting a little hard for Prince Rey. He’s trying to get back at his desk to continue writing this little tale but there is this girl that’s kind of really persistent to get him back to his ‘parents’, and he has no idea where she came from or how she got into his story.

“Come on. We ain’t got all day. Are you getting on? If you’re not, I’m going to report back to the castle and tell your mom that you were assassinated, and double the burden on her shoulders, unless, you don’t give a care. Well?” The messenger said, tilting her head a bit.
Cornered, Rey sighed.
“Alright. I’m coming, just let me pack.”

Obviously, you see Prince Rey in an uneasy situation in which his real identity is almost revealed to the messenger. In reality, he doesn’t really care, because, he knows there wouldn’t be anyone conscious to be in his ‘beautiful’ tragic fairytale in which he is the perfect prince. The Queen is just a character in a storybook. But this messenger is very suspicious and seems to have a consciousness. But is she actually to be suspected to be doing suspicious?

“Alright, Crown Prince, we’re leaving now… Aren’t you going to bid the town good-bye?” The messenger asked.
“… They don’t need to know yet about my crowning until the news arrives to this stinky- excuse me- beautiful town. It might be hard for them to take in.”

That’s right. Rey here, hasn’t written a bit to this little story, so, he doesn’t know how the townspeople will react, because they could all be conscious people, just entranced by his spell for turning people into important characters in the stories he writes. He didn’t write that the Queen wanted him. That’s why he is suspicious and on guard because he knows there is another author in this story that can change/ruin his story, so he has decided to find the author and stop the person, female or male. Can he do anything to turn his story around?

“My deepest apologies, Your Highness. The carriage has seems to hit a large rock and the wheel is broken. This happened because the horses were bitten by mosquitoes and flinched at the sight of more. Your Highness, I advise you keep the windows closed as we try to repair the broken wheel. Please accept our apologies, we are working our hardest to keep Your Highness comfortable. If you could wait a bit, I’ll be back to check on Your Highness.” The messenger bowed down and left.
“I have time to write!!” Rey thought, and took out his book and a fountain pen and started to write as fast as he could.

Why did the carriage crash at a large rock? Because when Rey was packing, he wrote a bit about his trip there to provide a bit of time for himself to write a little longer. But when will be the next time will write is story? What if the author of this fairytale butts in again and makes the story more tragic than it was, by getting rid of it’s maker, the side character, the Crown Prince Rey.

The repair took longer than planned so Rey wrote more until…
“Your Highness? Are you quite alright? May I ask what you may be doing?” The messenger asked.
“…I’m writing my daily diary.” He smiled softly, but it seemed very bitter.
“I know that’s a lie, Your Highness.”

New Class!! 2014-2015

Hey there. Today I had school, and this afternoon we got to our new classes. I have a guy teacher and he seems nice. He’s one of the 17 new teachers. So… during our little 2 hours (or so… I wasn’t looking at the time though I was wearing a watch..), we (the class) got tested on our writing and math (I finished the math, but not the writing. I don’t now what to give an opinion on!!!), and I think I got okaaay. Anyways, I think I’m going to have a great grade 6 year with teacher whom no one’s ever been with, at my school. So we’re his first class ever in my school. WOAAAHHH. Nice!!

This year, you’ll get to see me improve my blog writing skills! Good luck to me, then! Well then, until next time!

Reincarnation (Miracle) i

It was supposed to be a small circle of life. But it turned into something that was everlasting, not really possible. yet it happened.

In a small town in a large kingdom, the streets were bustling with noise, along every lane, street, and shop, it was busy with tourists and townspeople. But along the small road off on the side there was a dark shut-up apartment. And like every other day, it was undisturbed. It was always calm and quiet in that area. No one really knew if it was occupied. Nobody wanted to go there either, because curiousity killed the cat. But nobody knew that satisfaction would bring it back.

See? It’s all in a circle; it dies, but then something important will bring back to its feet. Will it ever have another chance to check it out? If it’s curiousity came back with it. But will satisfaction bring it back again?

BAM!! The door to the dark apartment building flew open. Out came a teenage boy with bright turquoise hair, wearing a pair of long black pants, a blank purple tank top, and womanly grey boots. He brushed back a lock of hair and sighed.
“Haven’t been out here for quite a while! Been busy with scripts. Ahh. Let’s go shopping!” He cheerfully exclaimed to his cat which had padded out beside him. He stepped back into his little apartment and took a grey cloak and swung it over his shoulders and slipped it on.
“Oh, Tigerr, you want a small cloak? Here.” He put on a miniature cloak on his cat, Tigerr.
“Let’s GOOOO!!”

Never judge a book by its cover. That is commonly said by book enthusiasts, owners, and authors/illustrators. It may look dirty from the outside but inside, it might as well be a treasure. This young man has been holed up in this little apartment, all alone with his little cat, and is not seen often and is a genius author. He writes novels in complete silence. Is it really true that he has no other connections in this little kingdom?

“It’s him!” “Really?” “He’s out!” “We should go and check if he’s still handsome…” “Are you crazy?” “It’s Prince Rey!” “WE TOWNSMEN AND TOWNSWOMEN ARE VERY INDEBTED TO YOU, OUR GREAT PRINCE!” The townspeople all paid their respects to the young man whom was shopping for groceries (now identified as Prince Rey).
“Eh? Oh, right. I’m a prince. Don’t forget that. You take a large part in this little tragic story.
(He’s whispering) Townsmen, townswomen, thank you for taking me in to this wonderful town. This place has the best view of the world. It’s all thanks to the people here whom created this place.” Rey bowed deeply to the townspeople who had cried out to him earlier.
“Don’t thank us!! It’s only right for the Crown Prince to be accepted into all of his very own towns throughout the kingdom.”
“Thank you.” Prince Rey thanked mockingly.

SO, Prince Rey’s duty here is to be an author of a story. He is the author of the kingdom. To put it simpler, he is the one that created this town, this kingdom and made it real. He put his magic powers together to make something interesting to entertain himself with. But is this really enough to entertain this young sorcerer?

I’m going to make this into a series this is rather interesting to me, also, the story relates to nothing I’m interested right now, so yeah. Music kind of inspires. Kind of. You could sense the sarcasm if I was talking. Like this one song reminds me of royalty stuff, and another song reminds me of storytelling/writing. Well, the next one is coming up sometime later.

Hey you

Hello there! After a while I decided that I’m going to stop my story. Why don’t I ever finish my stories? Because after a while, I think that the story idea is a little too close to something I’ve seen before so ummm. For those how would’ve ACTUALLY WANTED to read my stuff and ideas, … well, I wouldn’t know. I don’t really have much confidence. Kinda. At least I did this blog thing. Maybe because………………….
Alright! I’ll try a one-shot then. See you then!