Reincarnation (Miracle) i

It was supposed to be a small circle of life. But it turned into something that was everlasting, not really possible. yet it happened.

In a small town in a large kingdom, the streets were bustling with noise, along every lane, street, and shop, it was busy with tourists and townspeople. But along the small road off on the side there was a dark shut-up apartment. And like every other day, it was undisturbed. It was always calm and quiet in that area. No one really knew if it was occupied. Nobody wanted to go there either, because curiousity killed the cat. But nobody knew that satisfaction would bring it back.

See? It’s all in a circle; it dies, but then something important will bring back to its feet. Will it ever have another chance to check it out? If it’s curiousity came back with it. But will satisfaction bring it back again?

BAM!! The door to the dark apartment building flew open. Out came a teenage boy with bright turquoise hair, wearing a pair of long black pants, a blank purple tank top, and womanly grey boots. He brushed back a lock of hair and sighed.
“Haven’t been out here for quite a while! Been busy with scripts. Ahh. Let’s go shopping!” He cheerfully exclaimed to his cat which had padded out beside him. He stepped back into his little apartment and took a grey cloak and swung it over his shoulders and slipped it on.
“Oh, Tigerr, you want a small cloak? Here.” He put on a miniature cloak on his cat, Tigerr.
“Let’s GOOOO!!”

Never judge a book by its cover. That is commonly said by book enthusiasts, owners, and authors/illustrators. It may look dirty from the outside but inside, it might as well be a treasure. This young man has been holed up in this little apartment, all alone with his little cat, and is not seen often and is a genius author. He writes novels in complete silence. Is it really true that he has no other connections in this little kingdom?

“It’s him!” “Really?” “He’s out!” “We should go and check if he’s still handsome…” “Are you crazy?” “It’s Prince Rey!” “WE TOWNSMEN AND TOWNSWOMEN ARE VERY INDEBTED TO YOU, OUR GREAT PRINCE!” The townspeople all paid their respects to the young man whom was shopping for groceries (now identified as Prince Rey).
“Eh? Oh, right. I’m a prince. Don’t forget that. You take a large part in this little tragic story.
(He’s whispering) Townsmen, townswomen, thank you for taking me in to this wonderful town. This place has the best view of the world. It’s all thanks to the people here whom created this place.” Rey bowed deeply to the townspeople who had cried out to him earlier.
“Don’t thank us!! It’s only right for the Crown Prince to be accepted into all of his very own towns throughout the kingdom.”
“Thank you.” Prince Rey thanked mockingly.

SO, Prince Rey’s duty here is to be an author of a story. He is the author of the kingdom. To put it simpler, he is the one that created this town, this kingdom and made it real. He put his magic powers together to make something interesting to entertain himself with. But is this really enough to entertain this young sorcerer?

I’m going to make this into a series this is rather interesting to me, also, the story relates to nothing I’m interested right now, so yeah. Music kind of inspires. Kind of. You could sense the sarcasm if I was talking. Like this one song reminds me of royalty stuff, and another song reminds me of storytelling/writing. Well, the next one is coming up sometime later.

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