New Class!! 2014-2015

Hey there. Today I had school, and this afternoon we got to our new classes. I have a guy teacher and he seems nice. He’s one of the 17 new teachers. So… during our little 2 hours (or so… I wasn’t looking at the time though I was wearing a watch..), we (the class) got tested on our writing and math (I finished the math, but not the writing. I don’t now what to give an opinion on!!!), and I think I got okaaay. Anyways, I think I’m going to have a great grade 6 year with teacher whom no one’s ever been with, at my school. So we’re his first class ever in my school. WOAAAHHH. Nice!!

This year, you’ll get to see me improve my blog writing skills! Good luck to me, then! Well then, until next time!

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