okay… so i didn’t.

I dunno anymore. I have a scratch on my…a-little-lower-than-my-ankle-but-not-yet-my-foot. It only hurts of it is up against something like by long socks. So I put a band-aid on it so it won’t hurt as much. Ehehhe. Today I had Track practice. I feel like I am not quite good enough. I don’t do very well under pressure.
This Thursday I’m going on a field trip!!! Yaaaay. I haven’t been on one since grade 4. WHY? Because last year was messed up and we weren’t allowed to due to the lockout of the teachers.

Okay… so I didn’t update with a short story last time. I think I got carried away by playing some games. Oh… WHOOOPS. I’m getting slightly off track. And slightly bored. I’m gonna play some Candy Crush. Adios.


Oh. I’m back on schedule. Would ya look at that! My desk is messy with the weirdest contents on it, and I have my Math and Science and my Socials in front of me and only my Socials are finished. I am currently finishing my Science. And once I finish that Science, I shall get started on my Math. And then I may update with a short story. Just to get my imagination in motion. Also, I should study for the Gauss test. I may be doing it. Eheh… …
I just realized that I enjoy doing my SCHOOL homework more than HOME homework that parents like to give to their children in case they have too much free time on their hands. Anyways I should be getting this Science done… But my arms are avoiding it, putting it past it and typing this post I meant to have up, like two days ago.  Damn.
I’m being school active this year!!! How? I joined the Track team, and am currently debating on whether I want to go to the dance club or not. My friend wants me to go with her. She wants me to go with her because she ain’t got the dance experience, I don’t either, and she ain’t wanna be alone in this dance business. I can perform a dance, but, the process is really long. And, if you know me, I’m lazy. Really. So, I’m gonna have a go at persuading myself to do something about this matter.

ANAYWAYSSSS. I’m gonna have to finish my homework and study early. So BYE BYE!

j’ai fini!!!

Yessss. I’m done. With the school homework. Well that took me too much time, won’t you say? I think I took to much time with completing that one assignment. But, now I can RELAAAAX. Not really. I still have my home homework stuff for grade 6. Aghh. I’m never going to get that done. Maybe over the summer. Yup.
Now… What should I do?
I shouldn’t seem too bored. If i act like that, people might give me more work to do. But then again, I do have SOME work to do.

The Never Ending HMWK

Eheh. I should be typing my story for school (ZA NEVERRR ENDING REAAALITYY), but, since the story is prettttaaaay long, I’m lagging it on for the next 2-3 days left of this 2 week SPRING BREAK. I swear, I don’t remember how holding a pencil and writing with it works anymore. Meanwhile, I’m wasting precious time by listening to a bunch of songs by girls (well, that’s a change…), and I’m not getting any work done by blowing my nose every 5 minutes. And I’m coughing. Oh right. I said I was going to eat a cough drop. I’m gonna get one right now.

Much better. Anyways, I should be more productive. But I keep getting distracted. BY SO MANY THINGS. Like the words to my music. Why so catchy?!?!

I’ll type more when I finish the blurb for today. Adieu~!

Reincarnation (Miracle) v

“Come here, Rey. I want you to help me find your father. Use all the power you have. I will support you from the shadows. Do whatever you can for the family. Please.” The Queen clutched onto Rey’s sleeve.
Rey pushed up his circle glasses (A/N: kind of like Harry Potter glasses. eheheh) and ran a hand through his long, turquoise hair.
“Mother… I will try my… best.” Rey promised for the first time. But does that really count as a promise?
“Yes… Rey… Go down the right path. Maids. Leave us alone for a bit,” the maids looked at each other, nodded and left the room quietly, “Haaahaaahaahahahahaa. Come, follow me. I’ve created something just for you. It was something you’ve asked me to do once. I’ve really done it!” The Queen laughed hysterically as she led him to a staircase that led down to a cellar.
“DARLING~! We’re here!” The Queen clapped her hands enthusiastically.
Rey was beyond confused. Had the Queen gone crazy?
The pair walked down a long hallway with many wooden doors in the stone walls. The hall was dimly lit with torches. At long last, they reached a wooden door. It was unlike the others though. It had a simple design with jewels on the door knob and the slot at the top. There were small words on the side. It said ‘reserved for the King–project 23314’.
Knock. Knock. Creak. “HONEY!!” The Queen rushed towards a man that looked very startled and trapped.
“Rey… RUN!!”

les vacances de printemps

THAAT’S IIT! I’m calling the quits. I give up school. As will everyone. For two weeks. ………. .. …. YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!
…. But I still have a bit of homework. So much more typing to do. I have to type like, 7 more pages back to back on to my document. AGH. And I thought I was FREE?!?!
Now I’m just sitting here listening to nostalgic music. MUSIC, not songs. And thinking about some kind of award I might want for my efforts my parents said I could have for my REPORT CARD MARKS. I tell ya what. I got good. (;