Oh. I’m back on schedule. Would ya look at that! My desk is messy with the weirdest contents on it, and I have my Math and Science and my Socials in front of me and only my Socials are finished. I am currently finishing my Science. And once I finish that Science, I shall get started on my Math. And then I may update with a short story. Just to get my imagination in motion. Also, I should study for the Gauss test. I may be doing it. Eheh… …
I just realized that I enjoy doing my SCHOOL homework more than HOME homework that parents like to give to their children in case they have too much free time on their hands. Anyways I should be getting this Science done… But my arms are avoiding it, putting it past it and typing this post I meant to have up, like two days ago. ┬áDamn.
I’m being school active this year!!! How? I joined the Track team, and am currently debating on whether I want to go to the dance club or not. My friend wants me to go with her. She wants me to go with her because she ain’t got the dance experience, I don’t either, and she ain’t wanna be alone in this dance business. I can perform a dance, but, the process is really long. And, if you know me, I’m lazy. Really. So, I’m gonna have a go at persuading myself to do something about this matter.

ANAYWAYSSSS. I’m gonna have to finish my homework and study early. So BYE BYE!

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