okay… so i didn’t.

I dunno anymore. I have a scratch on my…a-little-lower-than-my-ankle-but-not-yet-my-foot. It only hurts of it is up against something like by long socks. So I put a band-aid on it so it won’t hurt as much. Ehehhe. Today I had Track practice. I feel like I am not quite good enough. I don’t do very well under pressure.
This Thursday I’m going on a field trip!!! Yaaaay. I haven’t been on one since grade 4. WHY? Because last year was messed up and we weren’t allowed to due to the lockout of the teachers.

Okay… so I didn’t update with a short story last time. I think I got carried away by playing some games. Oh… WHOOOPS. I’m getting slightly off track. And slightly bored. I’m gonna play some Candy Crush. Adios.

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