3 Days

There are three days until school starts. Three more days until watching Tenimyu and listening to Tenimyu time will shorten. At least I can add Tenimyu to my head by ignoring “friends” and hum Tenimyu songs randomly. So, enough about my rambling about people dancing while singing about their love for tennis and/or doubles partner, swinging tennis rackets around while running around. Don’t worry it’s only a musical with actors around 20 yrs. old.

So, SCHOOL! Another time when I have to try to ignore the EXTREMELY ANNOYING GIRLS IN MY CLASS. And I’m going into freaking GRADE FIVE. Yes, I don’t want to get older. Like anyone wants to grow up. And if I continue on this subject I might turn depressed, so I won’t continue.

I just don’t like the future grade sixes. As in, every single one, girls and boys. They are all so old fashioned, like to be praised (by a teacher), always hate the other gender. Like, you’re going to get a girlfriend/boyfriend when you are older, or something. If you’re like grossed by gay/les, then just don’t get married and live like a loner. I don’t care. I approve of gay/les, but my opinion is probably not needed.

Wow, I tend to get off track. It’s weird how the title is ‘3 Days’ and I am like, talking about gays and les’s. My bad.
So, for the school, I’m basically complaining about the future insert grade. For the French immersion, my grade for the french kids, they think they are special because they do everything en francias, so that automatically makes them waaaayy smarter. Yeaaahhh, suure.

Today my mom’s younger friend is going to visiting my family, WITH HER BOYFRIEND I HAVE NEVER MET!!!! His name is… (I fail. I forgot the guy’s name already. I think it starts with a W…) I think it is Will? IDK.

Okay so I don’t really know what else to do other than watch Dream Live 2013 or read fanfics.

Well, I GTG. TT.TT Adieu~!
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