Favourite Songs

First of all, I am bored (when am I not?), so I said I will make random lists, so I’m gonna make a list of SOME of my favourite songs. You might recognize only a small bit of the songs I put in here. Some songs are either Chinese or Japanese. Only some of them are English. So let’s get on with the list. Oh, and they are not in order.

1. Tezuka Zone (Japanese)
2. October (Japanese)
3. Dahila (Japanese)
4. Shinjistu (Japanese)
5. Ore wa Regular ni (Japanese)
6. Kagami no Naka no Ore II (Japanese)
7. Sign Language (Chinese)
8. Where is the Train Going? (Chinese)
9. Remember Hyoutei (Japanese)
10. Tough (Japanese)
11. Ore wa Koroshiya to Yobareru Otoko (Japanese)
12. Petenshi daa? Nanto Demo Iie
13. Tennis to wa… (Japanese)
14. Yudan Sezu ni Ikou (Don’t Let Your Guard Down) (Japanese)
15. Goodbye Today (Japanese)
16. ROAD (Japanese)
17. FuuRinKaaZan (Japanese)
18. Highway Don’t Care (English) (Duet by Taylor Swift and Tim Mcgraw w/ Keith Urban on the guitar.)
19. Golden Pair (Japanese)
20. Omaera… Gakeppuchi Giri Giri (Japanese)
21. Epiloge (Japanese)
22. Kagayake, Motto (Japanese)
23. Yoisherero Bolero (Japanese)
24. Itetsuku Mono no Atsuki Omoi (Japanese)
25. Season (Japanese)
26. Hand in Hand ~ Marionette (Japanese)
27. Koimabataki (Japanese)
28. Katsu no Hyoutei (Japanese)
29. Ikki Uchi (Japanese)
30. Data wa Uso wo Tsukanai yo (Japanese)
31. Dream Maker (Japanese)
32. Erabaeshi Elite Shuudan (Japanese)
33. Koori no Emperor (Japanese)
34. Yume wo Tsunage (Japanese)

I”m sorry. I only added one English song. I was too caught up in the Japanese Prince of Tennis manga and its musical. So, if don’t know any, don’t worry. I’m a crazy person. I like the musical toooooooooo much. Not that it is a problem. I still can’t believe that tomorrow is the first day of school. So, I will listen to my favourite songs, find their lyrics, and sing’em! Well, time for me to go. Adieu~!

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