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At least what she told you wasn’t a lie. It’s the truthful truth, okay? … !! Why hu-llo there! I sure didn’t see you there. Did you hear it all? Oh. Whoops. You’ll keep it a secret alright? If you don’t you wouldn’t be very beautiful to see what would happen next. Alright then! We’ll just be on our way, yes? Good. Now go.

It was a cold day in a futuristic land, where people with skin the colours of the rainbow were walking around without a single worry in their minds. A lot of people in this Earth have been programmed to react according to the King. 92% have been programmed with this bug and 8% is unaffected, and reacts to different events normally. So what to the programmed think of the unaffected? Well, in their programs, they think of the unaffected as the worst kind of scum in the whole entire universe. There are rare cases in which a programmed returns itself to an unaffected. Some of the unaffected are chased down by the government and forced to become a programmed. The government is hated by many of the normal people of the world.

Well, enough of that. Yes, it was a VERY cold day. In our most recent years, it would’ve been called a -3 degrees Celsius day. Walking across the street was a turquoise skinned programmed human. This programmed wasn’t quite programmed properly. It was slowly returning to an unaffected. Of course, it wasn’t programmed to know that. The programmed human was called*kgol. It’s unaffected name would be Kgol. *kgol opened the door to it’s purple bubble-shaped house. The house was dimly lit with lines of neon purple/blue/green/pink/white light all around the dome. In the center of the large dome was a single heart-shaped purple couch. In the dome in the next room was furnished with a white desk that reflected the colours of the room, a pink chair, and a magenta bed. The small dome next to it was a washroom with the colours of the rainbow on everything. From the large dome with the single couch in it, there was a circular tunnel going underground, no, underwater. At the end of the tunnel, there was a dome that was surrounded by an oceanic scene with real mechanical fish swimming about. There was another tunnel connected to that bubble, and it lead to a deep, deep, deep, underground room with the earth’s core’s warmth warming the room up from even deeper in the ground. The domed house was one of the largest in the world. It was home to the King *kgol.

HIIIIIIIIII! This series is gonna be a short post for every addition. So don’t ask for too much. Hmph.. Okaaaay, so um, I’m just gonna get going.. BYEEEE!!!

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