Hi… I’m back and you’re supposed to be grateful.

IT’S ALMOST DECEMBER!!! My favourite month! My order of favourites of months, in order from most favourite to least favourite. Alright?
1) December
2) October
3) February
4) July
5) January
6) April
7) March
8) September
9) May
10) June
11) August
12) November
Yes, yes, I don’t really like this month. Why? Because you are just getting used to the coldness. Why do I like December even if it’s cold? The kind of cold I like is when it is crisp. I also like snow and hot chocolate. And gingerbread houses. But this year, I have to go to the dentist on ┬áthe 29th. BEAUTIFUL. I hate the dentist. No offence. Actually, lots of offence.
Why do I even bother? I dunno.
December is also when school ends for WINTER VACATION!!!! It’s that time of year!! Ahh. SNOWWWWWWWWW!!
Oh yeah. Skiing in two months. YAAAAAY! But right now is always when all the confusion starts with young people talking about others getting together. Especially when you are in a split class that has a grade older than you. Well. I should get going. See you!

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