About MOI at the moment…

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. IYATTTAAAAA! Okay, uh. I did my speech on Thursday at the end. On Monday, the sixteenth, I didn’t go to school, because I still had a fever. And also due on the nineteenth, were my BINGO assignments (language arts…), and I finished 2/5. So I might have lowered my reading grade… DAMN. Eh, It’s only because I couldn’t find the right books for the right category. And the right piece of work for the book of that certain category. It’s kind of really complicated. He said it was mostly fine because at least I tried to hand in what I could and had. So, I’ll probably got like a B on Reading. And possibly a bit on Writing. No. Not Writing. I’ll ask sometime later.

Tomorrow at school there is a YPC. And I don’t have anyone to sit with. Again. I am so lonely… JKJK. But yeah, when it comes down to friends that come and go in trios, on a bus, TWO TO A SEAT! Argh. Can’t I make just ONE more friend? Eheh. I must try harder.

I’m gonna go check on other things so I’ll end this right ‘ere. Adieu!

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