Ah. dammit.

I just realized that I can’t write. What do I mean by that? I mean that my writing sucks, and right now, I partially lost a bit of my imagination. I can only create long rants such as these, and more. Wait this isn’t very long. Well, for right now. eheh.
Hold on, how do you lose your imagination PARTIALLY? I have no idea what I meant just there.
I think all I can do right now is draw things, not animals of any kind. Just, items?

I just watched my speech that my teacher recorded. I almost burst into tears when I watched it. I suck at speeches. I yelled a lot, too. Not during the speech, only when watching. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Is this…

HOT DAMN. I just remembered the fear I would experience while awaiting that fateful day. When we all get our report cards. DAMMMMMMMMMMNNNNN IIIITTTTT. All that time in these past two weeks my teacher was talking about it and I just waved it off like a fly. But when I think about it hard, I get scared. I sound so pitiful. JKJK. AARGH. So much STRESSS. I have to present a PowerPoint this week. And later today I have to go to Ping Pong practice. Eheh. I am so lame.

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