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Heeeyy! Today I did the Gauss Math Contest!! It was pretty complicated. I know that i got at least two questions wrong. It was like the first thing in the morning.
Math + Mornings + Gloria = Error_TRY AGAIN LATER
So yeah. I ain’t great in the morning. But today I woke up an hour earlier for the sake of waking up in time to be fully conscious. Ain’t that just DANDY?

ANYWAYs, I know. The title has very little meaning to anything here. But, eh, ya know, as the years go by, and you start using up the names for the blogging and then you’re like, what should today’s title be and then you have absolutely no idea and then you go, never mind let’s not do this blog post because I don’t have a damn title, and you’re lost when you don’t have a title, because then you can’t find that certain post unless it has a bunch of numbers or empty space. And it is the only one of it’s kind. Woah. That was kind of long. I should really go rant somewhere else.

Well then, I’ll get going on that. See ya later!!

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