ayy, it’s moi

OMGGGGGG!! So happy!! Thank you, gracieee!! Okay, let’s return to normal.

Okay, so um, today was a Pro-D day so we stayed at home… And things are quite good for the time being. Like receiving things. And December. I LOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEE DECEMBER!!! Snow and that nice coldness and lights in the dark!!! OMGGG I LOVE ITTTT. Okay, I’m quite energetic right now, despite the fact that I am freezing my fingers almost off. It’s probably the feeling of nostalgia. All these songs of when I was all over Shiraishi Kuranosuke that I used to listen to his music every time I used the computer. Crazy, right? But today is one of those days in which I wish I still had something to hardcore obsess over, the feeling of excitement, waiting for something to arrive, that warm happy feeling. I guess this is what life feels like. Cold. I dunno. XD
XD is kinda like the face I used a lot in grade four. Like uh, GloriaXD!! was the way I signed things last year too. Lame right. I know.

It’s almost December. It’s almost the season of slippery ground. I wonder if it’ll snow this year. It snowed a little bit last year. The year before, we could make a fort out of everything! Last year was just sliding down the hill. This year, who in the world knows. Well I DO hope it snows.

Today after lunch, set up the Christmas lights outside! We did it today because it was a clear-ish day with lots of wind and blue skies and several clouds. It was cold though. I liked that cold. Like when only your cheeks are cold. And face. And the rest of your body is perfectly nice and warm.

Soooooo. Getting ready for the holidays sure is nice… I can’t wait for the days to start reminding of Days With You. Right, gracieeeeee?? I know I am right.

Alright. Well, I’ll be here huddling by myself preparing for hibernation… So bye. I’ll be back after a short hibernation season.

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