November 29th 2014

i can’t think of another title, so uh, yeah.

IT SNOWED!!!! OMG!!!! I LOVE SNOW!!!! It was really dry and powdery, but under that was all ice. KOORI NO SEKAI!! jkjk. It was like a snow blizzard last night from 11pm to 1am. It was powdery snow falling down with huge waves of wind. After that it was BELOW ZERO, and the snow that had begun to melt froze. When I played in the snow today, I kept on picking up the powdery snow up and throwing it up in the air, waiting for it to come back down slowly, but with random clumps of powdery ice falling down 7654325 km/s. jkjkjk.
I was playing with my brother Gabriel, my cousin, and my dad in the snow.

So that’s all i am concerned about i shall take my leave now. SOOOO bye!!!

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