Umm. About the story Playing Around that OLD story… if you read it… forget about it. Please.

Switching topics. Tomorrow is picture day! I mean, the student individual pics. As I said in my other post, YES, I will look 100% better than last year. Last year I looked like… a… ghost. With terrible hair. Hmm. Time to realize something again. Guess what? I always look and act more girly on special-er or.. yeah special-er days and events. But then why do I care? Tenimyu is more important. And Tenipuri.
My 20-yrs old cousin has two posters for Tenipuri… SO LUCKY!!! He says that he paid for them online and got it sent to him. Lucky.

Anyways, I’d rather stay at home read stuff, going on the computer, and listening to music/songs, than, go to school. But, I like school more this year than last, because of the teacher is ‘more interesting’ than last year. No offense last year teacher. Y’know (I think I already put this, but I’ll say it again nonetheless…) there are ONLY 3 grade 5 girls (including me…) in my class. And then there are 5 grade 5 guys. And all the grade 6 girls in my class are overrated and stupid, and, OBSESSED. With boys not even worthy of being obsessed over, UNLIKE THE TENIMYU CUTE ACTORS!! Meh. I’ll get going since umm, tomorrow is Student Photo Day. Adieu~!

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