20 or 7 More Days

20 more days until my birthday! 7 more days until individual student picture day! I don’t why, but that is slightly important. I think the possibility of me looking better than last year… is 100%. I should work on a better smile. Agghh. How? Looking at myself in the mirror at night and work on one. How can I make my smile seem real-ish?

Anyways, my birthday… What should I do? What do I want? Well, I do know what I want. But it’s impossible to get it anyways. Yeah, THAT SUCKS. I should think of something I can actually get. Normally, when we’re shopping for birthday gifts, I would worry about stuff like ‘doesn’t it cost too much?’ or, ‘that costs waaaaay too much.’. I’m almost 10, and I’m worrying about that types of things? I don’t even know how to manage a bank account or even pay fees, but that’s only normal. I shouldn’t even know how. And I don’t. That’s good. A sign that I am NORMAL!

*Sighs* I should do something other than the same things over and over again. Like listening to music, reading, typing, watching videos, or looking at pictures. And the videos, I normally watch music videos, or these interesting videos my grandpa sends my sister, mom, and I.

My brother will be 30 months old next month. I’ll be ten next month. My sister will probably still sick next month. And I will too. A sign that I am NORMAL!: I wonder why I could even be normal. That fact just… AMAZES me. But, one-third of me will be not normal, I think.

I suck at Grade Five math. *pouts* Let’s just math I am currently doing, is not as easy as I thought, and is SLIGHTLY tricky. There’s like two questions that have a,b,c and I got all six questions….WRONG! Happy happy!

I have to go help my parents with dinner now, so see you soon!

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          1. Its like, the math we did that day was really easy to do and yet when the math had to stop it took a long time for the 1 sheet.

          2. Ohhhhh. Okay. Got it. See? I understood.
            Oh, and, do you think your spelling words are hard? Our grade 5’s spelling lesson is one lesson behind your lesson for spelling and we have to do it all in handwriting.

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