collages. no.

Very self-explanatory. I’m supposed to do this collage thing, and I really don’t like doing collages. It takes a long time to do, I have about less than a week to accomplish a collage for the New Years. I have wasted a lot of time (about 2 to 3 other periods that my Art teacher gave us to start and work on the collage) every other time, though. So now, I have to do two art related assignments. One is this collage, and the other is a title page for Science. And it should be centred around ‘Chemistry’. I’m not done. Nowhere near. Well… halfway done. Yippee.

I should get more done on my speech. It’s almost due. Like in early February or even before January is over. Something else I should do is research more on my French project. Even though I’m in a group for my French project, I’m in charge of organizing the PowerPoint and part of the research. Why are there so many projects in Term Two? I have yet ANOTHER project I should research more for and it is related to Socials. Why am I complaining? It’s not even that much for me to do as long as I focus and use my time wisely. Ahaha. BUT. If anyone gives me ONE or TWO more projects to do, I will¬†explode and collapse on myself.

If I am talking about how much homework I have, I should get to that homework. Okay. Until I finish some of that work! Adieu~!

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