pink paper icing

That title is about my poster that I made for Student Council’s Bake sale. It takes the form of a cupcake, and the icing part is pink. And it’s made of paper, so yeah. I’m not very interesting. Tomorrow, people that go skiing go, and people that don’t go skiing will skate in the afternoon. We will be walking to the rink. Probably. Most likely. Unless someone offers to drive us grade 6/7s to the rink. Which I really doubt will happen.

For the past 3 days, we’ve been doing these assessment test things, and I actually never try hard on these because it doesn’t contribute to my mark. But teachers’ want us to try because it shows the official people at the top how the┬áteachers┬áteach and how well we do in school. I don’t actually understand the entire thing, but if I do it, at least try a little bit. Yeah.
Well, I have things to do. Like play games and do homework. Priorities…

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