damn. that’s totally off topic.

Heeeey!! I’m back. After a day. YEAHH!! Alright then. So today, I had the intermediate concert. I actually improvised a part to stall time. I basically sat down on the portable stage, crossed my legs, and posed, trying to look cool/pretty. But failing. WHATEVER. Then I went back to the plan. Did my thing. You know? My mom, dad, and my brother were there, and my mom just FELT LIKE recording the parts that I was involved in. Yaay. Now everyone can see it, that are in my family. Great. If the audience saw what was going on backstage, they would be… surprised?

Anyways, from a performer’s point of view, it was a mess. And for the audience… who knows?

After that, we went to pick my sister at her school. AND IT WAS HOT. the end.

GTG! See ya next time! I might even write something again.

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