Truth or Dare (Dare or Double Dare?)

WTH??? It’s this really stupid thing at school that the other 6/7 class is doing and somehow, my oblivious class has gotten mixed into it. During the breaks, they ask people ‘DARE OR DOUBLE DARE?’, and dare, is the normal dare, and the double dare, is you have to choose between two options. I personally like doing dares, but this is really stupid. They are making our school seem like one of those stereotypical American middle schools. But no, it is a Canadian elementary school. I don’t know where they got the idea, but it has made all the stupid people join in.

I actually was avoiding that crowd for a bit, and then a random person asked me ‘dare or double dare’, man, I didn’t even know what double dare even meant. EHEH.

Whatever. They’re really lame. I’m gonna go now. See ya!

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