Floral Print

The smell of the freshly cut grass fills the humid summer air around this single dome.
This dome holds special flowers.
Each flower,
unique as to the other.
So why are there so many that dominate the other?

There are bees waiting for the sweet scent of the pollen; waiting for the nectar to be produced. People walk by as the bees work frantically, covering their faces. Why? The pollen released float around in the air, but some humans don’t want to inhale it. Allergic reactions prevent them to enjoy this luscious aroma. So why, why is this happening?

So how are these things working for you? Flowers don’t bother you. Bees don’t seem to notice you. Your allergies haven’t been acting up, have they? Are you worried? I’m doing fine. Just here by my lonesome. In this… isolated building. Don’t mind me. Forget about me. As you always do.

This summer will… be great. Don’t worry about anything. Everything will be resolved in a blink of an eye. You won’t have to do anything. Just… don’t come look for me. I’m happy, so you should too. There are flowers. Flowers everywhere I stop by. Lavender, lime, blue, all sorts. I wish you could see it. But if you were to see it, you… I… no. If you were to see it, it would be the last thing you would see. No. I can’t have you like this. We have to stop it. Stop this.

I’ll be gone for a while, so forget about this. I might be back one day.

See you then.

You need to know why things are happening like this. Every time I leave, you forget me. And every time you see me, you remember me. Things don’t work like this. I wish things could go back to how they were… but you can’t. I could, but I wouldn’t be able to bring you. But I want you to be able to see me in action… Proving to you my powers. I can rewind. But I bring anyone with me. No one knows. No one believes.

I sent you a package. Do you know it was from me? Do you know? It had a hand-made table-cloth in it. It had your favourite flowers on it. Do you like it? It’s…

Floral Print.

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