It has really been a long time since I went to a dinner party or a birthday party of some kind… Not that I want to go to one, because I don’t like going to places with lots of people… Yeah. But my friends always describe the parties they go to as enjoyable, and they are actually converse with people normally. I can’t talk normally. Especially if people ask me to Office Monitor. I can’t go on announcements. I can’t even talk to people I actually don’t know properly, or have only talked to several times. That was a problem, and I know the conclusion. I CAN’T TALK. I SHOULDN’T TALK. jkjk. I actually talk a lot. But not to other people. Just the same people over and over again.

I have lots of problems. Eh, I’m gonna do other things now. Like read and do homework. See ya next post!

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