good idea, Gloria

How much sarcasm do you sense in the title? A lot!! Good job. Okay. I just got a bunch of songs. Mostly Bigbang/Kpop. Some songs are as old as… Last Farewell? Beautiful Hangover? Dayum. Forgot completely how much I liked those songs. I also forgot that Beautiful Hangover was Japanese when I reheard it. But now, I also have ‘E’ from MADE. ‘ZUTTER’ has a lot of English mixed in. I like them too much!!!

NOOOO! Noooo. Noooooooo. School starts in less than a full month. September 8th. Noooooo. That means Grade Seven. I ain’t going near any of that stuff. Nooooooooo.
I like how most of this paragraph consists of the letter ‘o’.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay. My GREAT idea? Huh? No. I didn’t have one. I only made it a title because I am starting to use up a lot of common update style type of title. For example, “I’m back!”, or “It’s been a long time!”. Somewhere along those lines. I could also use one of my bad jokes that are either too corny, puns, wordplay, or… just plain stupid ideas summarized into two or three words. Yay! Now that’s my good idea! Summarizing my bad ideas into 2 or 3 words to create a title for my update style posts. Yup!

Well, I need to go have some lunch! Until when I have time for another post!!

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