grade seven?? (talent show.)

Oh my gosh, tomorrow is the last full day of school as a grade six. Dayum.
Today was the school’s talent show, and as a bunch of us predicted, it was 90% pianists, and 10% whomever-has-something-else-to-show-us. The only person doing the talent show from my class was a pianist. The only thing interesting was the comedy show by two first graders. Goodness, they were cute, and made a lot of puns. This other performance was this kindergarten boy who was overwhelmed at first,┬ábut managed to do it; he did a dance to Uptown Funk. DAYUM! He’s cute. He dances like he owns the place. Yet he’s so cute.
My neighbour who also goes to my school did a piano performance, and my friend, who knows how to play the piano, said that my neighbour plays better piano than her. Ahahaha. I can’t do any of that. WHATEVER.

Well, Until next time… I might just be in grade seven…

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