how about no?

Heey. I’m back. It has been two days. Alright-y then. For high schoolers, it’s summer vacation, but for elementary students, there is still four more dreadful days of school. But these days are not filled with work for grade sixes and sevens! We have to pack up our stuff on Monday, take ’em home, and the rest of the week is filled with events, things that only require a pencil, and PE. That’s sounds like a plan.

Anyways. I’m going overseas next month!! For the first time in… 6 years? Yeah. I’m gonna go over a sea or an ocean. Maybe more than one. China, to visit family. It’s gonna be awkward-ish, since I haven’t seen them in a long time, and they probably only remember me from my baby-hood, and possibly from pictures. I also might get a haircut. Maybe not to short, but definitely to thin it out. Hair talk. Dayum.

Well, I have other thing to attend to. See ya!

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