here’s to nothing

Summer Vacation has started. I am told to find some work to occupy myself with, and I can think of nothing. It definitely does not feel very much like Summer Vacation. It feels like summer, but I don’t feel the relaxing wave of relief of ‘no deadlines’. I feel like I haven’t done much for grade seven, so how is it over now? Even the process of the leaving ceremony seemed like it was for everyone except for me. Everyone else in my grade at my school seemed like they either they couldn’t leave or would like to leave as soon as possible. I don’t think that I fit in either of those sides. Do I not have feelings? It’s not great to leave, I guess, but I’m not exactly sad to be going to high school. I dunno. I think I’m trying to be neutral. Ahaha. Well, I should do something. Until I figure out what to do. See ya!

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