Levelled Up

Well. I have graduated. That was… well, fast? Or, it feels as if I have accomplished nothing. This reminds me; I was seated next to a fairly emotional girl at my leaving ceremony/assembly-thing, she had tissues, sniffing, and teachers trying to comfort her. I think, perhaps, she was getting all emotional from the thought of entering another “chapter”, or leaving her ‘childhood’ and getting the attention from awards and such. I don’t know, this is just some things that may have led to her wave of emotions. I, on the other hand, as described by my sister, was stone-faced. She said that throughout the principal’s speech, I did not change my cold expression at all. From walking to my spot to until after the speeches, I had not changed my expression. It may sound all weird, but I felt a little relieved, and a little, panicky? Maybe, I felt alone. Most of the time, I like that feeling. At peace, most of the time. But this was a frightening feeling of ‘what do I do now?’ I don’t know if I am overthinking, but I know for sure that I am not scared of next September. I am certain that I am not afraid of high school.

I feel like I should be writing like how I usually do. But I can’t seem to get a hold on that part of me. I don’t know. If I let that part of me go on, ranting, it might start some more… thoughts. There are many unresolved issues. I will probably go now. It is getting late. For now… SUMMER VACATION!

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