i’m perfect

I’m wonderful. I wonder how I did that. Most of the recent posts have been rants and spam. And me stories have been pushed back. I have no motivation to write anymore! I want to write this oneshot, but I have no motivation and idea. I need to go to school and then I’ll have ideas and motivation. School at least makes me accomplish something. I guess that makes me feel useful. YEAH!!!

Ah. I just forgot what I was about to do. I think… Whaa..? My memory is failing meeeee. I sound old. AAAAAAHHHHHHH. School starts in 15 days!! 2 weeks!! I’m gonna be in grade seven. But, the first day of school is only 1 hour long. So does that even count as a DAY? The very next day would be the first FULL DAY of school. In which your previous teacher will tell you what to do for the week. And either on Thursday, Friday, or Monday of the next week, they will tell you your teacher for the YEAR. Elementary man. EHEHEH.

Why am I still talking like school is a big deal? I’ve been going to school for almost 8 YEARS!! Woah. I started school in… 2008… YEAH. WOAH. 2008 is a long time ago. WOah. I feel like I was in kindergarten just a while ago. I admit it. A LOT OF THINGS HAPPENED. I moved to a new school 4 years ago. I still feel like I’m being treated like a new student. Or I should be. I remember the first day of kindergarten. I had a FRIEND. It was a guy friend. He’s not my friend anymore. Well, a. he went to another city b. we both moved to different schools c. our older sisters are weird friends (?) and d. we don’t talk when we come over to each other’s houses. Things get WEIRD when you get older.

Okaaay. This post was not supposed to look this long at all. Whoops. I will try to get my brain down to normal… Yeah. So, I’ll get going. Until next time!!

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