I. Have writer’s block. Well, a more complicated version of it. It always happens to me. I wrote the Thin Ice case thing story right? About a detective pair. So, my kind of writer’s block is when you look at the story and then you’re not motivated to write more. It’s like I can’t and don’t. It’s like I’m no longer interested in writing that… story. I think right now I like to rant about things and then regret them later. And rant about things I don’t actually mean or think about. Strange.

I have new school supplies. I think I should organize those. But I don’t want to get up form my spot at the desk. Well. I am getting a lot of things done!
OOOOOHHHH. My mom bought me this big book of ‘grade 6 stuff you should learn within the year’ last year in the summer before grade 6. I… haven’t finished it. And there are 2 weeks and a half left until grade 7. Good. Accomplishing things!

Hopefully you are more… organized and prepared than me. I can’t and I am lazy. VERY GOOD. Okay. I need to go. Church later. I should clean up. Yup. Yeahh. BYE. Until I accomplish something!! ADIOS~!

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