Hi there! I have been working on two pieces of.. homework. One is a project (French), and another is for ART, and I am 7/10 done that. As for the French, I have the info down, and I need the teacher to help me and make sure the sentences have proper French grammar applied… I also have another project due November 3, and I haven’t even started it. I have finished 2 of that kind of project (it’s spread over the entire term…), and I need to get started on another one because it has to do with reading. And that means I need to get a book. And I need to look for one. Alrighty then. Most of these projects require drawing. Yay… I guess. Less writing… No. There still is a lot of writing… But I have to try to make it look at least a little bit pretty. Maybe presentable. I dunno.

Okay. I gotta get more done before church. Adieu~!

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