Key Point

Hi there. I noticed that the temperature outside has been rising. Today seems to be the only cool-ish day in about a week. So, at school, we’ve been playing softball, or practising softball by throwing and catching balls or just hitting the ball with the bat. I did softball last year so, I think I will survive. I’m doing some homework. My homework this week is to write some key points for each subtopic I have for a project I have with a partner. And… I have finished 2.5 of 7. that would be 35.7% done. Well. I’m still doing it. I’ll finish 3 for sure today.

I have ping pong class later today. I haven’t been doing to well lately. I don’t know if I’m unconsciously worried about something or if I can’t focus on the sport and letting my thoughts wander. I don’t know. What could I be worried about? I honestly don’t really worry about homework, because I know I can finish it with all the quality it needs to pass. I don’t know, man. May is halfway over. That means June is in half a month. And June means… summer. And Summer Vacation. Yeah. But first, homework. Until I figure things out!

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